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September 4, 2011

Hi Susan and Steve,

Here is pic from Brady's goose hunt this morning.  Yankee made on land retrieve on a live goose and great two blind water retrieves with hand signals.  He is the most awesome and versatile dog I have hunted.  He is also so well mannered around the duck blind.  Can we clone him?

Daren and Brady

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Sunshine Molitor Too

Dear Susan & Steve
Mollie (Sunshine Moliltor Too - born September 10, 2009) had a successful year of hunting for ducks and pheasants in South Dakota, and for ruffed grouse and woodcock in the northwoods of Minnesota.  Mollie has a good nose for searching out the birds to flush as well as finding downed birds.  She hunts very hard and doesn't want to quit when the day is over.  She spent three months this summer with a hunting dog trainer in Clark, SD.  It sure was great to have her back home as our boys are now both away at college, so she makes the nest a little bit less empty.  We picked her up right before duck season opened and she hunted as much as possible throughout the fall.
We've enclosed some pictures of her that we thought you would like to see.  We really enjoyed your Christmas page, and we noticed how much Mollie looks like one of her litter-mates, Holly.  When we saw Holly's picture we wondered how somebody got Mollie and put her under their Christmas tree!
We sure have enjoyed Mollie and were not surprised to hear what the others say about their dogs from Sunshine Goldens.
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Dean & Amy Gesch

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Sunshine On Timber Mountain


Hi Steve and Susan,
Good to hear from you guys.  I swung through your website to see what's been happening over there.  Looks like you've been putting out some great pups!  I also looked at my dog Timbers canine data sheet  and was proud to see that so many pups from Timber's litter have come so far. 
Speaking of Timber, he is just such a fantastic dog.  He weighs in around 55 lbs depending on his activity level and is a lean and muscular dog with strong well defined front shoulders and a short, almost non shedding copper colored coat.  He is a total lover, obsessive about tennis balls and is mellow and very easy around the house. I road him, run him and hike him hard year round and this fall the hard work paid off.  We were able to chase roosters in Kansas for 8 hours, 5 days straight no problem.  He ran stronger and outlasted the 2 labs and 2 goldens we were hunting with, and he easily held up to the grueling pace of the additional 5 local farm dog german shorthairs we were working.  He had more flushes and retrieves than any dog out there and over the 5 days with 10 or more guys and 10 dogs we shot limits of pheasants every day and shot at and missed at least that many quail.  While I've put quite a bit of time into his obedience training, his intuition, instinct and drive in the field are just unreal.  We still haven't neutered him because we just love him the way he is, although don't plan on breeding him.  His personality and weight have just been great so we've been hesitant to change anything about him. 
The exciting new news about Timber is that he is entering the Avalanche Rescue dog program at Bridger Bowl Ski Area.  After leaving professional ski patrolling in Utah  4 years ago I'm back on the hill full time this winter in Montana with the Bridger Bowl Ski Patrol.  Bridger Bowl and our home town of Bozeman were just voted best ski towns/ski areas in America by Powder Magazine.  Bridger Bowl is also home to one of the stronger ski patrols and snow safety teams in the US specializing in Technical High Angle Rescue and Avalanche Control using explosives.  While we're starting training a year or two late in life, I have no doubt Timber will quickly  pick up the skills necessary to excel in his new job and hopefully become one of the counties strongest search and rescue dogs.  We begin our obedience testing early next month and then will start formal avalanche victim recovery training in late January-April.  Wish us luck and we'll keep you posted!
Also, here's a more recent photo of Timber...
Happy Holidays to you both and thanks again for breeding such great pups,
Jon and Sarah Marshall

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Hi Susan and Steve,
Our Golden's are doing great!
Kayla celebrated her 13th birthday (born 11-14-1997) last month!   She's doing awesome!  We take her on at least 2 walks per day.  She's having some trouble getting up all of the stairs we have in our house, but who wouldn't at 91 "people years"!  It was her 2nd year not going w/Daren on his South Dakota Pheasant hunt.  She now prefers staying home with me and being the "only child" again!
Yankee turned 4 this summer (born 7-23-2006).  He's a "handful", but sure adds a lot of fun to our empty nest!!!  Daren and Brady had a great time hunting with him in South Dakota this fall.  He's the best retriever in the group!  Daren's only disappointment is that Yankee prefers hunting with Brady rather than him.  We'll have to get on your list for another puppy soon so they can each have a dog to hunt with again.  Daren says he wants another male.  He loves Yankee's size and aggressiveness in the field.   Keep us informed when you have a litter similar to Yankee's pedigree.

Have a Great Holiday!

The Powers

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"Sunshine Guinness"
Baby II / Buck 2008 Puppy

October 2008

Hey Susan and Steven

Just a quick note to let you know that Guinness is doing great. He has been a pleasure to train and have as the new member of our family. He is as smart as could be and loves playing with the kids and just being with us at all times.

Wanted to ask you if we could board him with you when we leave town. We found the details on your web site and felt it would be nice for him to stay with you rather than a stranger! The kids were thrilled that this might be a possibility as it is his first time away from home?  I will have a few questions for you if this will work regarding his feeding and other items.

Clodagh Thornrton

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2008 Baby / Buck Son

August 21, 2009

I am sending a couple that were taken this past summer - all action shots, Beau is always on the move.  He LOVES the water swimming, diving and jumping waves.  He beats any other dog on the beach (or in the water) to the ball.

The picture where he is airborne over the water is my favorite.  What an amazing dog he is!  We just adore him!
Thank you!
Caroline Swanson

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Sunshine's Fearless Red
Thanks to you for wonderful extension to our family.  Red continues to amazed us each and every day.  He is one Beautiful Dog.

We have taken �RED� swimming since he was four months old, you could see in earlier posts he has no fear of the water.  RED has an incredible sense of smell, no matter what the cover, he always has the will to find his retrieves.  He never comes back until he has found them.

He is doing a great job with being forced fetched and his trainer thinks that he is coming along really nice.  He says RED has alot of instinctive talent and takes instruction well.

We have come to love this little guy and are looking forward to having him as my hunting companion.

Paul and Mary Graf

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Sunshine Sadie Bathje

Sadie still is a great dog and has been a joy to have in our home.   She'll be six this spring and still just as spry as ever though you can see from the photos she starting to grey a little in her face. She still loves people and of course is extremely spoiled here in our home .  A watch dog she isn�t, as she would much rather lick you than bark at you.  In fact she rarely barks at all and never at other dogs. Seems the only time she speaks at all is when we're ignoring her and she thinks we should be playing with her.....she usually wins.  She isn�t used for hunting, but she gets three long walks every day, no matter the weather so she keeps her girlish figure.

My daughter who was with us when we brought Sadie home is now married has started looking for puppies for after they purchase their house and they have kept your website in their favorite list so maybe someday you'll hear from them.

Have a great New Year.....the Bathjes

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