Sunshine Goldens Puppy Contract

The Seller Agrees:
The puppy is in good health at the time of sale. The buyer will have 7 days in which to have the puppy examined by their own veterinarian. During that time the puppy may be returned to Sunshine Kennels for a full refund, provided the puppy is returned in the same condition as on the date of sale. If the puppy is returned due to illness, a letter from the veterinarian is required. This includes death or illness from any health condition deemed to be present prior to the leaving the seller’s premises (Sunshine Kennel). Buyer shall assume any expenses associated with returning the puppy to the seller.

Every reasonable precaution has been taken to prevent this puppy from acquiring hereditary hip dysplasia, cataracts, elbows or thyroid ailments. However, should this puppy develop any of these problems deemed to be hereditary by 24 month of age, Sunshine Kennel will replace the puppy when one is available after notification and written verification by OFA (hips), CERF (eyes), or a Board Certified Cardiologist (heart) – provided that written verification is received by the seller that the dog has been spayed or neutered. No refund shall be given if the dog has not been examined by 24 months, or if the dog or bitch has been previously bred. This refund only applies to the original buyer.

The Seller states that puppies have received the following vaccinations – Distemper-Hepatitis, Leptospirosis-Parainfluenza and Parvovirus. We will inform you of when a booster is due.   We worm puppies with PYRANTEL.

The Buyer Agrees:
That this puppy will be given adequate and proper shelter and housed securely. This dog shall not be neglected, allowed to roam free, or be mistreated in any manner. The puppy shall receive proper veterinary care throughout its life, receiving annual inoculations and placed on a heartworm preventative. The puppy shall receive proper nutrition and care shall be taken to maintain its proper weight.

The Buyer will notify the Seller first if for any reason the Buyer no longer wants to or is unable to keep the puppy.  The Seller shall have first right of refusal if the puppy is to be sold or disposed of in any way. If the Seller does not want to acquire the dog, the Seller will assist the buyer in placing the puppy if the Buyer so chooses.

The Buyer will notify the Seller of any changes of address and will maintain contact with the seller throughout the life of this dog. The Buyer will notify the Seller of any AKC, CKC or GRCA titles earned by this dog.

The Buyer will register the puppy with the AKC prior to 1 year of age, with the prefix Sunshine to appear first in the name.

Buyer agrees not to breed this dog or bitch. This puppy will be registered on a limited registration and spaying/neutering is required by 1 year of age unless prior approval has been given in writing by the breeder. If the Buyer feels that this puppy is indeed show or performance competition quality, and the Seller agrees, the limited registration can be lifted by the Seller. Limited registration in no way prevents the this puppy from participating in any AKC event except for the conformation ring.

No guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, are given by Sunshine Kennels and Susan or Steven Scherber, the Seller, except those stated herein.

Seller warrants and agrees that they are the lawful owner of this puppy and is alone responsible for entering into this contract with the Buyer.


  1. We strongly advise to feed your puppy a ‘Large Breed’ Puppy Food. This helps with controlling your puppy’s weight gain and structural development. Puppy have been eating Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy.  Overweight dogs are not healthy dogs.
  2. We also recommend that your puppy IS NOT encouraged to run up and down stairs excessively.
  3. DO NOT have your puppy retrieve on vinyl, tile or ceramic floors (where their feet constantly slide out from under them.
  4. There are many available sources of information to start your puppy towards a rewarding and successful life with your family.  Many activities where you and the pup will enjoy each other by spending quality time together.  Be sure to ask how to obtain this info.
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